Pancha in Sanskrit stands for five and Karma is the therapeutic measures, therefore Panchakarma means five types of therapeutic measures.


Heated herbal leaves or herbs are applied to the whole body by means of poultices.

Body Type

Vata, pitta or kapha- detailed understanding of your body type helps you tailor a personal diet and lifestyle plan for achieving and maintaining your optimum health

11 Hidden Benefits of Ginger That You Didn’t Know About.

Strengthens Immunity. Ginger helps improve the immune system. Consuming a little bit ginger a day can help foil potential risk of a stroke by inhibiting fatty deposits from the arteries.

4 Natural Hangover Remedies.

Drinking an excess of alcohol may lead to severe headache or other after effectsthat may include drowsiness, headache, concentration problems, dry mouth, dizziness, gastrointestinal complaints, fatigue, nausea, anxiety and a feeling of general discomfort. Preventing a hangover is way more complicated than simply drinking oodles of water. So here we are sharing some natural remedies for Hangover.

Wonderful Water

On an average up to 60 percent of the adult human body is water. The brain and heart are composed of 73% water, Lean muscle tissue is about 75 % water by weight,the lungs are about 83% water, muscles and kidneys are 79%, the skin contains 64% water, and even the bones are watery: 31%.

Sun Salutation

Sun Salutationconsists of a series of yoga poses performed in a continuous flowing sequence it intends to improve the strength and flexibility of the muscles. It is considered to be a complete body workout.

Water Therapy [Japanese]

Drinking water in the morning immediately upon waking up can have amazing therapeutic effects for many health conditions. Japanese medical society has found water treatmentsuccessful for old and serious diseases as well asfor modern illnesses too.

11 Astonishing Lemon Facts.

Lemon has proved to be nature’s boon to everyone who uses it. It provides many valuable solutions to health-related problems, because it contains its own set of antiseptic and natural medications. In case of malaria, lemon will not cure it, but aids in the treatment. A good practice is to eat anywhere from a quarter to a half of a lemon per day to get the maximum benefits from this powerful little fruit!

Healthy Pregnancy

During your pregnancy, there are a lot of new things to think aboutespecially related to healthy eating. You have to let go of your old eating habits and focus on getting good nutrition for you and your baby. Check out our Healthy Pregnancy plate to find out what’s okay to eat?

Holistic Wellness -           By Dr. B.M Hegde

Mr. B. M. Hegde shared his valuable knowledge and experiences about how spiritual principles can lead to a healthy life. The seminar was fruitful as it propagated an idea on how to master the techniques to cultivate better health even in adverse lifestyle.

Beautiful Skin

Over the years numerous herbs have been researched for attaining smooth and supple skin, and natural. The treasure chest of Ayurveda holds in itself 6 such precious herbs which not just help in doing away skin maladies but also contribute in nourishing and restoring one's natural beauty.


Would you like to know about food items which are powerful enough to help you reduce your cholesterol or lower your risk of heart disease or decrease the possibility of you getting cancer? Not just that they canalso put you in a better mood and help you achieve vibrant looking skin.

Eating Challenge

Eating clean not just means eating whole organic natural foods but it also means distancing yourself from the junk food which has become an essential part of our daily life. So say NO to bad fats,preservatives, white flouritems and other unnatural man made items and get ready to look and feel fabulous.

Banana Benefits

The high potassium content in bananas helps in counteracting the ill effects of our daily high salt diets by stopping bones from decaying at a high rate.

Benefits of sleeping

Throughout your life SLEEP plays a very important role in mental and physical wellbeing. When you are in sleep your body repairs itself and improves brain function. It also plays an essential part in growth and development for hose in growth phase. Check out some of our tips to improve your sleep quality.-

Healthy Spices

Spices not just add some pep to any meal but are composed of phyto-nutrients, essential oils, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins that are essential for overall wellness. They come with heart healthy benefits and can ease pain. With time their use has immensely expanded over the world. They have antibacterial and antiviral properties, and are an inexpensive way to add flavour to food without the extra fat, calories, sodium or cholesterol.

Benefits of herbal tea

Tea is a wonderful instrument for detoxing your body. It provides hydration and helps in keeping cells, tissues and organs healthy. Herbal teas are made from variety of herbs like fresh flowers, dried flowers, leaves, seeds or roots. These are teas prepared by adding hot water to them and letting them brew for couple of minutes. These can also be made into ice tea later.

Benefits of Aromatherapy oil

Aromatherapy is an alternative therapy useful for improving one’s mental and physical health. Its benefits are very natural and wholesome. Aromatherapy goes along with almost any other type of therapy or healing practice, whether conventional or alternative. Aromatherapymakes one feel calm and at peace and at times energized

Reiki Healing

The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words - Rei which means “Higher Intelligence that guides the creation and functioning of the universe" and Ki which is “energy that animates all living things”. So Reiki is basically "spiritually guided life force energy."

Benefits of Gooseberry

Amla or Indian gooseberry is one of the most important foods in Ayurvedic medicine it has been used since a long time for a variety of health benefits in many traditional cultures. It is believed that regular use of Amla can prolong life, prevent memory loss and promote youthfulness. Nowadays Amla is used very commonly in different forms including juices, tablets, powders, Amla candy etc.

Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing is a highly evolved and tested system of energy medicine. It utilizes prana,ki or vital energy to accelerate natural healing. It was developed by GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui.This powerful & effective system of Pranic Healing is based on no-touch energy healing.

Cooking in clay

Pranic Healing is a highly evolved and tested system of energy medicine. It utilizes prana,ki or vital energy to accelerate natural healing. It was developed by GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui.This powerful & effective system of Pranic Healing is based on no-touch energy healing.

Hair Problem Solutions

Hair plays a significant role in an individual’s life. It is associated with youthfulness and beauty in women and virility and masculinity in men. Hair loss can result in self-consciousness and lack of confidence in any man or woman.


Rudraksha is a seed produced by several species of large evergreen broad-leaved Eliocarpus ganitrus tree. It plays an important role in Hinduism. Rudraksha is organic and is preferentially worn without contact with metal.

Hair Fall

Now a days its irrespective of men or women hair fall is pretty common ,reasons can range from the simple and temporary . A vitamin deficiency to the more complex , like an underlying health condition.

Organic Gardening workshop

SoilDeal conducting exclusive Workshop on setting up and training people to grow their own Chemical Free foods on the Terrace/Balcony/Land by Expert My dream Garden team.