Water Therapy

Drinking water in the morning immediately upon waking up can have amazing therapeutic effects for many health conditions. Japanese medical society has found water treatmentsuccessful for old and serious diseases as well asfor modern illnesses too.

treatment method

  • Just after waking up in the morning before brushing teeth, drink 640 ml (21.6 oz) of water :

        - which should not contain fluoride.

        - don't drink too much water in to shot a time as it may overwhelm the kidneys and can cause a sudden drop in blood sodium levels .A drop in sodium leads to water entering the brain, causing it to swell. Results include lethargy, disorientation, confusion, seizures, coma and death.

  • Brush your teeth but do not eat or drink anything for 45 minute.
  • After 45 minutes you may start eating and drinking as normal.
  • Do not eat or drink anything for 2 hours after any meal
  • Those who are old or sick and are unable to drink 4 glasses of water at the beginning may commence by taking little water and gradually increase it to 4 glasses per day.

The length of the treatment with water depends on type of illness :

  • High Blood Pressure (30 days)
  • Diabetes (30 days)
  • Gastritis(10 days)
  • Constipation (10 days)
  • Tubercluosis (90 days)
  • People who suffer from arthritis, this therapy may carry only three days in the first week, then daily.

The above method of treatment helps curing certain diseases of the sick andhelps them in enjoying a healthy life.

This treatment has no side effects, however at the commencement of treatment one may have to urinate a few times. It is better if we continue this and make this procedure as a routine in life.